Where many people go wrong with Weight Loss

I’ve been battling weight problems all my life. Yesterday was my sister’s birthday and I had gone to meet her at a McDonald’s. I went in with the intention of giving her a gift and catching up, because we hadn’t met in a long time. Instead, I found myself waiting for her as I glanced on every single thing I had avoided for these two weeks. Burgers, fries, wraps.

FYI, McDonald’s is really not the place to go to if you’re trying to escape the binge.

Anywho my eyes fell on the coffee section and I thought about this YouTube video that said black coffee is great for suppressing appetite. I rushed over and got one to see if it was true.

Sure enough, it tasted like horse piss, so the lingering after taste annihilated any cravings I might have had.

An hour later I found myself chatting up with my sister, holding on to the coffee for dear life. She asked me what I wanted and I told her nothing because…

She didn’t even let me finish speaking and started telling me how I always do this. I keep ‘dieting’ to lose weight and end up having double the amount later. She even warned me not to be anorexic. I had no idea how to convince her that I wasn’t really eliminating anything, rather just substituting stuff. When you have failed an ample number of times, people usually don’t believe you.

“Bullshit! You should just eat everything and workout twice as much” she said as she ordered a box of chicken nuggets which I finally accepted to have at her insistence.

That doesn’t really make any sense. As many trainers have stressed before me, it’s not really about calorie count. It’s all about what foods you eat. Quality trumps quantity and automatically ensures calorie count. I had seen this guy once explain it to me in the best way possible, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Let’s assume you have a Snickers bar. You haven’t eaten lunch so you think a Snickers bar is okay to have. 100 gms of Snickers is about 500 calories. So ideally, it should give you enough energy right?

Well, yeah it should, but dieting isn’t really about just keeping your calorie count at bay. Think about it. Snickers has 24gms of fat for every 100gms. That is about a fourth of the entire mass. Picture that fat. That’s the amount of fat that I lost after a three days of working out. It’s not easy to burn off fat.

Now let me just put this in perspective. If you were to have 2 medium sized potatoes (mashed or whatever), about a 100 gms of brown rice, 100 gms of chicken breast and a cup of tomatoes, the calorie count would come at 434, so let’s put in a medium sized orange there and NOW we’re looking at 500 calories. Ideally, if you were an organism that had a computer in your stomach that could figure out the exact calorie count of what you just put in, the first meal of one Snickers bar would fill your stomach.

Real life is very different. Your stomach has no way of knowing the exact calorie count of what you put in until it is broken down into those calories, which is why there is this neat little system where you only stop feeling hungry when your stomach is convinced that the VOLUME of food is enough. Our ancestors had the most straightforward and simple food where the volume was in ration with the calorie count. With the food processing industry, a thousand calories are pumped into a small snack just to enhance taste.

Having that snickers bar is not going to make you feel full. Your stomach is going to send over a ‘I’m hungry feed me properly’ signal in a matter of minutes. the second meal however, will make you feel full and satisfied, and THAT’S what substitution is all about. It’s about quality and quantity.

Coming back, I did have the nuggets (288 cals of pure fat and cardboard chicken) and ultimately left. I went home and had a proper meal of brown rice, tomatoes, an orange and some buttermilk (home made). I should mention at this point that when I bit into that piece of nugget, I had a very strong and overpowering feeling to buy an entire meal. My brain was pounding away saying ‘COME ON!! ONE LAST DAY!! YOU’VE ALREADY LOST WEIGHT HAVEN’T YOU? WHAT’S WITH ONE BURGER??” I didn’t suppress that emotion nor did I go and have a meal. I just enjoyed the nuggets to the fullest extent and went home from there. I’m starting to have my binge under control.

This morning I worked out for about 2 hours. I’m not even doing it for the weight loss anymore. I’m not even doing it for the muscles. I just love the feeling of the afterburn that comes. You feel great and tired and fresh. You feel like killing someone and kissing them at the same time. You want to go to sleep but you want to get up and do something else. It’s a mixed bag but the overall feeling is of achievement. Working out is a great feeling. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

As of now my goal is still to get down to about 15% body fat. And most of all it is to stop bingeing.



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