Day 3: Rest…but did I?


I should use more catchy titles. Something like ‘A guy woke up in the morning, what he did next will blow your mind’ is bound to get more readers. Anywho that’s not my goal so screw it.

So I’m feeling a little proud of myself. A little optimistic and a little hopeful. Why you ask? (Even if you didn’t, ask now…Good. Now we’re up to speed)

Waking up and The 11am eating threshold:

Well I got a lot done today. I woke up at 7am in the morning and started working. I was hungry but I had a cup of green tea and then it was gone for the moment. As promised I wanted to not eat till 11am (intermittent fasting, read the prologue). But then a thought came to mind.

Do I really want to rest today? This doesn’t feel right.

As I’ve learnt lately, my biggest problem is that I’m very active mentally. That is not a good thing, as many people have told me. It makes me talk a lot (A LOT). It makes me fidget a lot. I always want to partake in or watch some form of action. And the worst part is I NEVER GET TIRED. It takes a great deal of effort to calm my mind down. In February of 2015 I had started doing the Insanity workout. Even though I woke up every morning and did 40 minutes of intensive training, I wasn’t tired during the day. I mean I was a little fatigued right after the workout but then I’d still manage to go up and down three flights of stairs to and from my college classrooms. It was Month 2 of Insanity which made me push the limit to 58 minutes of high intensity cardio, that finally brought some peace of mind to me. I felt tired enough to talk a little less, but the problem was I felt too tired to focus. However, I have to hand it to Shaun T, I lost 18 kgs in 60 days.

Of course thanks to Mr.Binge I gained them back progressively in a span of 6 months or so.

Freelectics, my road to sweat:

Anyway, coming back, I didn’t feel it just right that I wasn’t going to do any kind of physical exercise throughout the day. That is why I decided to go with the freelectics option. I had been hearing about freelectics for a long time now, and previously I thought it was something like crossfit. Then I heard that there’s an app version which is partially free. I downloaded the Freelectics bodyweight app (because you can do those workouts anywhere, so I figured I’d squeeze some in on rest days in the Kris Gethin workout) and I was amazed. Right there was all the help I needed.

I mean the sheer number of workouts there are amazing. They’re free and you can do them anywhere.

So I took up the Prometheus workout and there were two options. the first was Prometheus 1X and the second one was Prometheus 2X, the latter just being the former twice repeated. Being the arrogant piece of dog feces that I am, I went with the 2X option thinking I could ace it without a single problem. I mean the 1X was only 15 minutes and the 2X was half an hour. I wanted something substantial and the list of exercises didn’t look very intimidating. I was going to ace it, I was confident, I was determined.

I was wrong.

I barely pushed throught the first 15 mins (1X basically) and at the end of it I was dripping in sweat. But the good thing was that I felt good. If there’s anyone out there that just wants to be fit, and wants to sweat it out for 15 minutes a day just to get a feel of the rush, I recommend Freelectics.

No they’re not sponsoring me. I just liked the app and thought I’d tell you. Neither is Shaun T by the way. or Kris Gethin. I mean when your entire readership is about 6 people, and one of them is you, sponsors don’t really swarm around your blog.


Okay so I had a breakfast of an apple and some green tea before I started out with the Freelectics, and later in the day I had an omelette of 2 eggs(whole) and some brown rice. It was a fairly light lunch.

In the evening I had 3 slices of whole wheat bread and an egg white omellete (2 eggs). I also had an orange.

At night I plan on having some brown rice.


Now, I may have said that I feel hopeful today, but there are a few things I might have forgotten to include. One of those things is that I woke up with a bad cold and cough. The second is that my weight has gone up by half a pound. However, I’m taking both these things with a pinch of salt. My weight can go back down. It’s not the end of the world. I know I have to be patient. I will keep trying every single day and I will succeed. As for the cold, screw it I’m going to work out anyway. I don’t care if I get my cold boogers all over the treadmill.

Okay maybe I do, but just enough to carry a napkin to blow my nose into. I don’t want other people getting sick. Other than I use gym gloves so, yeah, two birds one stone.

The point is, I was at a staggeringly low point yesterday just becuase I binged. This is something that comes normally to people who are like me. When we binge, and we know we have, there is no greater sense of doom that comes with it. You feel like crap, but the best thing, in my humble opinion is to sleep it off. Tomorrow is truly another day. And this is true if you have any kind of a mental trauma. Just sleep it off. You’ll be fine and more composed the next day.

I hope to wake up early tomorrow and hit the gym with double the intensity and determination. I had a half assed workout yesterday, and I’m so dying to make it up by making tomorrow twice as awesome.



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