Day 1: Legs

So today is the first day of my Kris Gethin workout.

It was horrendous.

But I’ll come back to that later.

Waking up:

I woke up at about 7am because I had to work. I really have to time myself to wake up earlier. I had seen this video alpha m., a YouTuber specializing in grooming and self-improvement (link). He had basically enlisted a few tips to wake up early in the morning. One of those tips is to use repeated alarms. So say you want to wake up at 5 am, you set an alarm 20,15,10,5 minutes before 5am. This goes to all the snooze button hitting fans out there.

I really love the idea.I know I’m going to be waking up grumbling to myself early in the morning. It sounds like like a really effective method, however. Before this, I had read in a Robin Sharma book (don’t remember which one, I read a lot) that it takes exactly 42 days to form a habit. So if I were to put a repeated alarm for 42 days, my brain wouldn’t need it on day 43. The only problem is that I live with my parents and they might not really appreciate the repeated alarms going off.

At this point, I’m past caring. I’m going to do it anyway. Let’s see what happens. I’m hoping to hell that I don’t forget to set my alarms.


This morning I had some rice flakes and one boiled egg. Lunch was 4 slices of white bread and two scrambled eggs. I know, I know, white bread is a strict no-no. But it was raining cats and dogs and I didn’t want to go out just to get some whole wheat.About half an hour after my workout I had a cup of green tea, an orange and a multivitamin.This was about 10 mins before I started writing this post, which is 20 mins before it got published. I have about 3kg (yes I use the metric system. LEARN TO CONVERT PEOPLE) of brown rice in the house. I’m thinking of making a meal plan.

At the same time, I conflict. I really want to take up the intermittent fasting method. It seems like a really interesting method. Especially for a binge eater like me, some amount of discipline and self-control balanced with being able to eat what I want in that specific eating window, seems like a good idea. I should make it clear at this point that I’m just starting out on my workout, and I don’t plan on taking any special pre or post workout powdered supplements or tablets. Mostly because I don’t want to invest in them. I have a long history of taking up workouts and giving up on them. If I were to spend X amount on some protein shake and then give up on my workout in between, I’d lose the X amount.

I should mention that I have a food weighing scale to measure how much I eat. They come at really cheap prices. If you don’t have one, understand that a small palm sized bowl of the height of a standard pinky finger can take up food ranging from 70-150 grams depending on the type of foot (potatoes are going to weight more than rice). I also have the Noom Coach app on my phone so that I can log in exactly how much I take in. Sometimes calorie counting seems like a very tedious task. Sometimes I even skip a few days before I start logging my calories again.

You know what? I’m not going to stop today. I’m going to make sure that I log in. It’s not about knowing how many calories I’m eating. I used to be a patron of My Fitness Pal, but I switched to Noom mainly because it has a color code for every food type. Green means healthy, yellow is midway between healthy and unhealthy, red is unhealthy. This helps you see what kind of foods you would rather eat. That plus the color red is known to agitate the brain and alarm it (which is why it’s the universal sign for stop), so you don’t feel like having foods that you’d later see as red on your Noom. You can use whatever you want. You can even choose not to use anything. I’m going to use the app because it has certain times when you can eat. You can’t add more than 5 meals a day, including the three standard meals and two snacks. This will allow me to regulate my eating to 5 meals and probably control the drive when it comes midway, knowing that I can’t log in.

I said probably. Let’s see what happens.

Okay so here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to have my last meal before 8, which is going to be some lentils (100 grams) and some brown rice (150 grams). Then I’m going to eat my pre-workout banana (stop giggling. what are you, 12?) at 10am tomorrow and then go to workout at 10.30am. That puts my fasting window at 14 hours. Let’s hope I don’t have cravings. I’ll post the rest of my meals in tomorrow’s post. 


This 12-week journey is very crucial to me. It will basically answer a lot of questions. The first one would be,”Can I beat the drive to binge?”. The biggest problem we all have is motivation. I don’t want it to be a problem. I have a few videos on my cell phone that I like to watch before I hit the gym. Before I hit the gym is the time when my brain is most vulnerable to tempt me into not going. That is the time I need to fight it in order to get control and make my way to the gym. My friend had once told me that the biggest challenge isn’t workout out, it’s getting up every day and going even when your workout starts to get repititive.

So I did the legs workout of Kris Gethin’s 12-week transformation program. It started out with 20 minutes of light jogging followed by all the leg machine exercises that you can easily find in a standard gym. It was the sheer amount of sets and repititions that got to me. At the end of it, I could barely stand. I was out of breath, mentally and physically tired and could barely make my way to the door.

And then I saw two flight of stairs to the exit. That sounds like a piece of cake on any other day, but when you’ve lifted close to 60kg with nothing but your thighs, getting down a flight of stairs is the most excruciating thing ever. I had to descend the stairs holding the bar at the side, like a toddler.

But the important thing was that at the end of it, I was proud. I had done it. I had made it this far. It wasn’t really much. In the grand scheme of 12 weeks I’ve gone by with 12 hours of this…thing. BUT IT FEELS AMAZING. I know for a fact that I won’t be walking much, but I have to go to my friend’s tomorrow at 12pm, and I’ll be coming back at night, which means I have to clock in my workout at about 10.30am.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for me to wake up early tomorrow.

The first thing I’m going to do is wrap up all the work I have today. Usually I do half of it till midnight and the other half in the morning, like I did today. But I’m going to try and cram and finish it off by midnight so that I can wake up early tomorrow.

Fingers crossed.



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